Capturing A Family In A Beautiful Frame

They say: “Beauty caught in Art survives the attack of Time.” How rightly they have observed that as time passes all the beauty of youth and the happiness of the present moment slip out of our hands. Every person on earth wants to hold back the happy times of their young days, or the family times they enjoy during the festive days. And what can be better to capture and store those moments in photographs?

There are different types of photography techniques used by professional or amateur photographers. Portrait is the commonly and widely used form of photography. And then there are family portraits in Sydney that are in fashion since the invention of cameras.

In modern times, family portraits are no longer taken in black and white as in the earlier days, although some clients ask for a black and white version of their portrait as it renders a dramatic effect to the photo altogether. These group portraits are conventionally taken in a studio or mostly indoors. However, the modern approach to portraits has evolved and they are also being taken outdoors, in a natural setting. The family members do not pose in the usual and monotonous stand-sit pattern looking directly at lens. Photographers prefer spontaneity in their pictures so that the family-feeling and the flavor of the relationships can be easily captured in the frame. They ask the members to stop bothering about how they look, because the photographers are skilled enough to ensure that they look beautiful through their lenses.

Portraits of a family are taken in different occasions; generally a child’s birth or birthday, a wedding, engagements, anniversaries of the elderly couple of the family, a family get together are such times when a professional photographer is called to take some beautiful snapshots of the family. The photographer must come geared up with his advanced digital camera, accessories and power backup to capture all the expressions of the subjects and their personalities. Concentration and following the technical guidelines result in the best ever family photos.

Photos of a family- earlier and modern time

Even before there was a camera people used to hire a painter or artist who used to make the portraits of an individual person or the members of a family posing as a group. But painting a group portrait was a tiring process for the people, who were posing and a little disturbing for the artist, as the minimum movement by any of the members would cause a distraction for the whole painting process. So, with the advent of photography, the procedure became less fatiguing as it was just a matter of a few seconds to capture the whole family together in a photo, and the results were much more accurate, life-like and satisfactory.